Going beyond Data Integration

Parallax knows how to make data work for you. We have in-depth experience integrating complex and disparate data sets from across your business and outside sources. By finding the right information, we enable you to uncover insights, make informed judgments, and take decisive actions.

Starting with the end in mind, we help clients think through the specific business questions they need to address, as well as what they will do with the answers. Our process pinpoints the data and analytics needed to put information into the hands of decision makers. Positive change happens when people act on information and achieve better results.

Case Study: Payer Data Finally Pays Off


It started with a simple question by a global executive, “How will this major formulary win change our sales forecast?” Our client did not have an objective, systematic way to answer this question for any of its managed care accounts. This time, our client did not want to rely on subjective opinions, nor did they want to pay for another expensive ‘one-off’ analysis from the usual consultants.


Parallax created a cross-functional client team to understand the problem. Working together, we identified the critical questions for understanding the impact of payer coverage changes. We also determined how this information would be used by different departments to make better decisions for forecasting, contracting and customer planning. Based on this clear business context, we then devised a unique method to integrate our client’s disparate data sources for accurate insights.

Planning for long term application, we created a living library that automatically searches and catalogs situational analogs. This enables the system solution to continuously learn as formulary patterns change over time.


The client improved gross-to-net profit by $15 million on the first major contracting decision after system implementation. Ten years later, this solution remains a proprietary strategic asset used for contracting strategy, business forecasting and product launch planning.