Put the Power of Perspective to Work for You

We use a proven methodology, the Power of Perspective, to solve your most complex business and organizational challenges. With deep experience leveraging people, process and technology, we construct and execute new solutions that deliver lasting impact.

Our approach leverages the concept of parallax – gaining perspective and depth by looking at situations from multiple angles. This way, we help our clients gain a more complete understanding of underlying issues and opportunities.

Parallax Methodology: The Power of Perspective


Parallax utilizes multiple methods to gain perspectives on the problem to be solved. Within client organizations and across their customers there can be many different views of the same issue. Learning these perspective is an essential first step before solutions can be explored.


We believe a problem well defined is half solved. Parallax makes sure our clients are aligned on the core problem to address. This ensures resources are efficiently targeted to the right issue, and sets expectations for buy-in of the resulting strategy or solution. 


Coming up with the right solutions takes more than ‘ideation.’ Parallax facilitates a process of divergent and convergent thinking. We help clients brainstorm a range of ideas and possibilities, followed by a method to prioritize options based on real criteria. 


Parallax knows how to design, build and operate solutions for our clients. We turn ideas into real solutions by working with cross-functional teams, defining business processes, analyzing data and applying technology.


At Parallax, we roll up our sleeves and help our clients execute new ideas and solutions. Working as members of the team, we manage implementation, track results and make adjustments when needed. We focus on the success of our clients.